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learning programs with emphasis on the joy of music performance

Learning to play a musical instrument can be challenging, but can also be tons of fun! Each instrument is different and can display both playful and dramatic expression of emotions. New and veteran players alike can benefit from submersing themselves in a style of their choosing. Also, music lessons can help a child's self-esteem and improve scholastic achievement. And its never too late! If you're an adult looking to learn to play an instrument, you've come to the right place.

We believe that music is an important component in cognitive development

Our instructors set a high standard of teaching that helps each student learn. They will soon discover the benefits music study can add to the rest of their life. It is our goal to help students become great musicians using a solid foundation of note-reading, rhythmic skills, music theory, ear training, artistic expression and composition. The intent is to send students into adulthood with the ability to self-teach. Hopefully they will continue to discover the joy that music can bring to them for the rest of their lives!

Our Services

Our private lessons are carefully designed to meet the needs of each student. The curriculum is based on individual growth and expectations that are set by each student and his or her parents. Our instructors ensure that each student learns and grows in a fun and safe learning environment!

Our Kinderbach classes are designed for kids ages 2-6. These classes make piano learning fun and easy! The kids learn the piano keys as animals "houses" making music interesting! Once all they've learned all the keys, your child can start playing simple songs, making for something interesting and entertaining for the whole family to enjoy!

Would it be easier for all of your kids to be in one class? Or maybe have them in a class with cousins or friends? If so, our group classes are the perfect option for your family. Group classes are an hour long, once a week, and prices depend on how many kids want to join! Call us today to learn how to play and sing like the stars they are!

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We offer instrument instruction and music lessons for children and adults, including:

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