Keyz 4 Kidz Music School is family-owned and operated right here in Nash, TX. With a passion to teach, local members of the Kosmic Girlz Band, (Krystal, Klaira and Katie) are proud to share their skills and talent with kids who want to learn how to rock with Keyz 4 Kidz Music School!

Keyz 4 Kidz wants to bridge the gap between music teachers, parents and students. We want to strengthen the quality of music education by offering all kids and adults music lessons.


We are striving to become one of the fastest growing premiere music schools in Texarkana. We offer broad and comprehensive learning programs with emphasis on the joy of music performance.

At K4K we believe that:

  • learning to play music should be fun, Its called 'play' for a reason!

  • Students feel motivated by playing with their peers.

  • A student's individual music instruction should be supplemented by jam sessions and playing in a band. 

  • Like a sports team, a band builds teamwork, develops social skills, fosters self-esteem, promotes peer recognition, and leads to lasting friendship 

  • Students learn music they like, whether its Gospel, Classical, Rock, Pop or Country! And the technical foundation is the same.

  • Students are motivated to learn when they see early results and have an exciting, achievable goal. 

  • Introducing toddlers and very young children to music instruction, rhythm, and motion supports cognitive development, learning, and motor skills.


We base our method of music instruction on the knowledge that students learn best when they play the music they enjoy most. That's why we use special arrangments of todays music to help students become proficient instrumentalist or vocalists as well as seasoned performers. Moreover, the experience of performing before audiances in bands from the beginning is an exciting component of music instruction - building self-confidence, garnering peer recognition, and providing a strong social incentive for continued progress. At K4K Music, individual music instruction is combined with band instruction that leads to regularly scheduled public performances at local Retirment Centers & events! 


Music instruction and musical skills lead to many years of pleasure and satisfaction. Young people who learn to perform music with others find their musical accomplishments enrich 

their lives forever. All our students achieve great personal satisfaction whether they play to sing professionally or perform for their friends at social gatherings, jam with their friends in bands or combos, or share musical interests with their families. They find that music instruction leads to a rewarding social and artistic pastime.